Professional Development


What it takes for a good career progression? Opportunities, mindset, expertise and relevant skills. With 26 years experience in international Business in Europe and Asia, I combine elements of Businss-Training, NLP, Solution Focus, and Coaching to empower you with knowledge, skills and motivation to have all relevant resources for your next steps in career and life.

Business Development


Entrepreneurs and Enterprises facing a number of challenges. To support Business Development, I focus on the development of Business Excellence by using Lean, Six Sigma, TQM, CTQ, Process Reviews, Marketing-tools, Leadership in combination with Financial Analysis and Stakeholder- & Market-Research. Operational- & Service- Excellence are the keys for success.





For Manager and Leaders performance is key. To develop High-Performance Candidates, role-palys, individual Coaching sessions including tools from NLP, Solution Focus, Leadership, Project Mgmt, Entrepreneurship, Quality Mgmt and Business Excellence and Neurological Levels are aplied , to prepare the canidates for upcoming challanges and make a difference for them.

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Michael F Hartung (MBA)

Welcome to my Professional Homepage with information about my background and my advisory and coaching services related to "professional development".

I am available for freelance projects and contracts in Singapore and based on agreement also international.

My passion lies in People and Business Development and I developed over the years besides my professional / Business skills also expertise in Advisory, Coaching, Lecturing and Consulting.

Below some key areas of expertise and services I cover:


  • NLP Coaching
  • High Performance Development
  • Professional and Leadership Training
  • Managing Business Excellence (Training & Consulting)
  • Business Advisory (incl. Start Ups)
  • Expert in Banking and Finance Mgmt.
  • Expert in Risk Mgmt.

Combining ... Business Excellence, NLP, Lean, Six SIGMA, Solution Focus, Meditation, Coaching, Advisory and more 

Original from Germany and with overall 26 years of professional experience in Germany, Europe and Asia, I moved a decade ago to Asia more to focus on training and coaching. Embracing different cultures, different methodologies and tools for Business and Management I like to share my experience to support Professionals, Entrepreneurs Managers and Businesses with their development. With a wide range of expertise, I combine different aspects from Interpersonal Skillset, Operational Excellence, Quality Management, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, High- Performance Development and include these in my Coaching and Training sessions according to relevance and requirements. All Training-, Coaching- & Advisory- sessions have an individual scope to be agreed on. My focus lies to create an experience to make a sustainable difference and improvements. For more details and information please contact me.


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